White Noise 2018

Debuted at the Israeli Opera January 19, 2018, as part of the Revolution Series, Season 2017/18

A new and unique orchestral version of ‘White Noise’ by the Vertigo Dance Company
‘White Noise’ by choreographer Noa Wertheim calls into doubt the way we live and think and deal with the tension between the noise surrounding us and our yearning for internal tranquility. It is a work that deals with conflict between representations of culture and representations of nature, and with the individual’s ability to cope with the tension between the noise of the surroundings and the inner sounds and voices, returning to being part of the whole rather than taking it over.
The work weaves together dance and live music carrying on a thought-provoking dialogue before the eyes of the observer, embodying the complexity of the human condition in the rapidly-changing modern era.
The original electronic music composed by Ran Bagno in 2008 was adapted for a live orchestra of strings and percussion combined with an electronic soundtrack.
Choreography: Noa Wertheim Composer: Ran Bagno Adaptation for orchestra: Orit Gurel

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