Tziporela Ensemble & the Revolution Orchestra In a once-only collaboration!

The two crazy kids of theater and of music meet up…ummm…to go wild.

The show is an expanded and even wilder version of ‘Stereotypical’, Tziporella’s latest and well-received humorous show that presents a puzzle made of pieces of reality that come apart and are put together again in a funny, original way.

Through a series of theatrical skits, familiar situations get a special interpretation and the actors’ personal stories intertwine with cultural changes and social phenomena.

The Revolution Orchestra sneaks into this commotion as an alter-ego of the characters and the actors on the stage, and as a comic musical amplifier.


Coming soon to the Israeli Opera, TA

The collaboration and play during work on the show brought forth some new pieces that grew musically out of a skit, as well as some skits that developed from a musical composition, and will be featured in this show only. We could go on and tell you a lot more, but forget all that – when there are 30 musicians and actors on one stage, you can bet it’ll be fun, trust us.

Musical Director: Lior Ronen

Artistic Directors: Zohar Sharon and Roy Oppenheim

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