The Roosters – The Remix

The Roosters – The Remix is the Revolution Orchestra’s meet-up with the musical legacy of ‘The Roosters’ as raw material given a current interpretation. We’re inviting the most unique and mischievous band of its era to come out and play. We’ll pull apart and reassemble, play with the contextualism, and create new out of old.
Alongside a mosaic of videos that will accompany the show, the orchestra will be joined by seven solo artists who will express the unique theater and movement world of the Roosters, and by the children of the Efroni Choir who will celebrate the mischievous word-play of its songs

Coming soon to Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, and Amphi Shuni

This is the first show of the third season of ‘The Revolution Series’

In collaboration with the Israeli Opera

Conductor: Roy Oppenheim

Composer & Arrangements: Amir Lekner

Artistic Direction: Amir Lekner, Zohar Sharon, and Roy Oppenheim

With: Adi Cohen, Imri Ziv, Yiftach Mizrachi, Hila Ma’aravi, Tom Chodorov, Na’ama Nachum, Rani Alon, and the Efroni Choir

Video Design: Nimrod Zin

Movement Design: Moriah Zerachia

Sound Design: Val Kotler

Lighting Design: Mohammad Abu Salma

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