The International Animation Project

Debuted at the Israeli Opera April 30, 2018, as part of the Revolution Series, Season 2017/18

A combination of original orchestral music and spectacular international animated films, inspired by the world of visual arts
The Revolution Orchestra and animator & curator Tami Bernstein jointly selected animated films that present a variety of techniques and styles, some abstract and some narrative. Common to all is their regard of the art world as a source of inspiration – in offering an original perspective on the world of visual arts, museums, art consumerism, and making statements about the connection between art and topics like war, religion, and more.
The music for the animated films is mostly based on original compositions by Israeli composers, commissioned especially for this show, alongside existing soundtracks and classical masterpieces that were arranged and adapted for the Revolution Orchestra especially for this show.
A multi-sensory experience of music, color, art, and movement that corresponds with the masterpieces of Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Munch, Picasso, Miro, Warhol, Pollock, and others – all coming together on one stage, a giant screen, in a live orchestral performance by the Revolution Orchestra’s musicians.
Composers: Ofir Bar-On, Haim Mazar, Yonatan Albalak, Ariel Blumenthal, Rea Meir, Sivan Shenhav, Cory Wallace, Alexander L. Zlamal, Daniel Kruglov, Amir Lekner


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