Signs of Weakness

Debuted at the Israeli Opera April 3, 2019, as part of the Revolution Series, Season 2018/19

An Orchestral-Choral version of the iconic album ‘Signs of Weakness’

Singer-songwriter Berry Sakharof, multi-instrumentalist and producer Rea Mochiach, the Revolution Orchestra, and the Bat Shir Choir – Haifa Symphony Orchestra (under the direction of Tali Weisman) perform the iconic album ‘Signs of Weakness’ 

The album, that came out in 1994 and which was characterized by an innovative sound incorporating electronic music and sampling, was touted as the work that “reinvented Israeli rock” and was crowned one of the best and most influential Israeli rock albums of all time. Among its outstanding hits are ‘Raash Lavan’, ‘Kama Yossi’, ‘Hazayot’, ‘Naftali Hadag’, and ‘Haval She’at Lo’.

The Revolution Orchestra’s 2019 version with arrangements by composer Zohar Sharon presents a new musical interpretation of the album that reinvented the local Israeli rock sound and summons new possibilities for listening to the familiar texts and music, aiming to deepen the audience’s attention to the texts and to the emotional layer hidden within them and to illuminate them from a new angle.

Arrangements: Zohar Sharon   Video-art Yoav Rodeh

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