Peter and the Wolf – The True Story

The show includes two works that correspond with each other:

One is the masterpiece by Prokofiev – “Peter and the Wolf” – performed in a new, out-of-the-ordinary version, that combines live orchestra music and spectacular stop-motion doll animation film by director Susie Templeton.  The film won the Oscar in 2008 for Best Short Animated Film.  The film takes the place of the traditional narrator and it presents the characters of Peter, the cat, the bird, and the other heroes of the story and sheds new light on them.

The second work was commissioned especially for this show and it corresponds with the story of “Peter and the Wolf” from a new, original angle.  The work is written for orchestra and narrator but the text, by author and playwright Efraim Sidon, is humorous and current and presents the story from the wolf’s point of view.  The music for the new work is by composer/arranger Rafi Kadishzon. The show was created for the 2010 Israel Festival as a co-production with Meditech Holon

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