Moods is a stage-musical-movement journey posing a question about the experience of listening to music: If we could observe our consciousness while listening to music, what would we see? A unique movement performance in which the orchestra musicians move on stage as they perform and search for a musical movement. A journey that commences with a Chopin prelude and finds itself in Radiohead’s ‘Exit Music’.

“I am not interested in how people move, but in what moves them.”
– Pina Bausch

Written and Directed by Roy Oppenheim
Original Music Zohar Sharon
Movement Design Ariel N. Wolf
Video-Art Design Yoav Cohen
Lighting Design Keren Granek
Stage Design Zohar Shoef
Costume Design Reut Shaibe
Text Editing Ido Ricklin
Sound Design Valery Kotler
Video Art Programming Daniel Bassin

Conductor Roy Oppenheim
Violin Adi Hlavin, Hagar Maoz, Tomer Einat, Lia
Raikhlin, Talia Herzlich, Naama Serfaty
Viola Daniel Tanchelson, Amir Weizman
Cello Jackie Fay, Yael Shapira, Ben Shibolet
Double Bass Daniel Sapir

Selected to perform at FITS international festival

Sibui, Romania, 2023

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