Tickets 21.06.2024   |  Friday   |   13:00, 21:00   |  Israeli Opera House, Tel-Aviv

Tickets 23.07.2024   |  Tuesday   |   17:00, 20:00   |  Israeli Opera House, Tel-Aviv

The Passion Of Monty Python

A musical circus for an Orchestra, a Mountie Choir and a Dead Parrot starring Ben Perry

An evening unveiling the humor and madness of legendary Monty Python troupe.

What happens when you blend an orchestra, a choir, a Catholic mass, and British sketch comedy troupe Monty Python’s scenes & sketches from The Holy Grail, Life Of Brian and The Flying Circus TV show?

The Revolution Orchestra creates a musical circus with original music by Zohar Sharon and Video art by Oren Gabay.  The show exposes The Pythons’ unique humor in a brand new stage production.   

The performance is in English with Hebrew subtitles. 

Conductor: Roy Oppenheim | Actor: Ben Perry
Featuring Moran Singers’ Ensemble  – conductor: Tom Karni 

and Moran Youth Choir – conductor: Carmel Antoposly-Amit

Artistic Director of the Moran Choirs: Naomi Faran.

Playing the Albatross at this production: Sea Gull

Composer, arranger, and video editor: Zohar Sharon
Writer and dramaturg: Itay Zvolon
Directors: Itay Zvolon and Roy Oppenheim

Assistant director and Performance Manager: Nofar Levinger

Video Art Designer: Oren Gabay

Video Creative: Assaf Shani

Video Design and Animation: Adi Yehezkel, Tomer Slonim

Lighting Designer: Nadav Barnea
Costume and Prop Designer: Yael Skidelsky

Object Design: Zohar Shoef

Soundtrack Design: Michael Emet

Revolution Orchestra players:

Violin I: Adi Hlavin, Tomer Einat, Etien Meneri, Naama Serfaty

Violin II: Lia Raikhlin, Hagar Maoz, Talia Herzlich

Viola: Daniel Tanchelson, Miri Manasherov, Avital Noussimovitch

Cello: Yael Shapira, Ben Shibolet, Romi Kopelman

Double Bass and Electric-Bass: Alon Azizi

Flute and Piccolo: Rachel Eilat

Clarinet: Tomer Ornan

Bassoon: Gadi Lederman

Trumpet: Roy Zuzovsky, Roi Aharon

French Horn: Shachar Ziv, Gal Guttman

Trombone: Meytar Naveh

Tuba: Dudu Buch

Harp: Lee Koren 

Guitar and Banjo: Gal Roth

Percussion and drums: Giori Politi, Asaf Dagan

Piano: Zohar Sharon

Sound Designer: Val Kotler

Video Content Operation: Daniel Basin

Qlab System Operation: Yoav Leshed


Subtitles and translations: Videofilm International

Special thanks to:


Holly Gilliam, Ronald Cole, Miki Roitman and Yonatan Gat

The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History, Tel Aviv University

The performance was produced with the generous support of Diti and Alex Landsberg – Sano and Michal and Yuval Rakavy.

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Tickets 21.06.2024   |  Friday   |   13:00, 21:00   |  Israeli Opera House, Tel-Aviv

Tickets 23.07.2024   |  Tuesday   |   17:00, 20:00   |  Israeli Opera House, Tel-Aviv

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