If I Suddenly Meet a Lion

If I Suddenly Meet a Lion is a special show for children in which we join Inbal Smadar and Tal Blecharovitz.  A magical story about an elephant with a runny nose, a fly who flew away (for good!), Bilam the cat who disappeared into a yawn and lots and lots of other animals to whom strange things happened, by the top writers and poets.



The arrangements are beautiful” (Achbar Ha’ir)

“If I Suddenly Meet a Lion opened a window for me to a different time, more beautiful and more innocent. The album is written and produced at the highest level, treating children with all the respect they deserve” (Chen Tzach, Be’ozen Mekomit)

“Every time I remember what I saw on the stage, a little smile comes arises” (Kolbo Haifa)

“Run to see it – an oboe meets a fly, an elephant sings with a flute, a pipe organ grows a tail” (Ynet)

“The collaboration with The Revolution Orchestra – an unprecedented combination of music and barking” (kookoorikoo website)

“Mandatory! Whoever doesn’t see it is an ass” (La’aton newspaper)

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