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The Revolution Orchestra

A stage experience like no other!

The Revolution Orchestra is a creative playground for original orchestral music combining other performing arts.
The orchestra’s shows explore musical creativity, testing music’s relationship with other art forms and presenting a new orchestral format integrating dance, theatre, cinema and video art.

Founded in 2004, the Orchestra has performed at leading venues in Israel, including its home stage, the israeli opera house. Collaborating with renowned artists such as Vertigo Dance Company, The Cameri Theatre, Infected Mushroom, and Third World Love, and commissioning works from leading Israeli directors, composers, playwrights, video art experts and choreographers, it is highly experienced in complex productions.

Recently, the orchestra performed with Charlie Chaplin’s film The Gold Rush with great success throughout the county, and in the past it produced the “Peter and the Wolf - The True Story” which integrated an orchestral screening of Suzie Templeton’s Academy Award winning film Peter and The Wolf. The show opened the Israel festival. The orchestra also produced the International Animation Project curating various animation artists’ works from around the globe (including academy award winning film Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase) performed in an orchestral screening accompanied by new Israeli music. Also recently, the orchestra co-produced with the Cameri Theatre a musical-theater show - Hubeza - based on five stories from Pipelines, leading Israeli writer Etgar Keret’s book.

The Revolution Orchestra is supported by the Israeli ministry of culture as well as by Tel Aviv municipality. The Revolution Series is the orchestra’s branded annual program at the Israeli Opera House and the Herzliya Performing Arts Center, supported by Diti and Alex Landsberg and Michal and Yuval Rakavy. Founded and led by composer Zohar Sharon and conductor Roy Oppenheim, who made it their goal to inspire young audiences to experience orchestral music in a new and innovative way, the orchestra is composed of leading classical musicians who perform with prominent classical, rock, jazz and world music ensembles alongside their Revolution Orchestra performances. The orchestra’s projects are modular, and include between ten and twenty eight musicians, depending on the project.

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