Eviatar Banai and the Revolution Orchestra (2005)

Debuted December 24, 2005, at the Tzlilim Bamidbar Festival

The concert included symphonic arrangements of Banai’s greatest songs, two adaptations of songs by Sasha Argov performed by Banai, and “Concerto for Accordion, Orchestra, and Percussion” by composer Nadav Vikinski, with accordionist Eti Tevel, also based on Argov’s songs.  The Revolution Orchestra’s other guest performers in the concert were the Marsh Dondurma band and mandolin player Yaki Reuven

Composers & Arrangers: Michael Wolpe, Ilan Mochiach, Zach Drory, Amit Gilutz, Nadav Vikinski, Aviran Ben Na’im, Otni Oron, Zohar Sharon, Roy Oppenheim

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