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6.5 at 21:00 – The Israeli Opera: 03-692777 www.israel-opera.co.il

8.5 at 21:00 – Haifa: Barak 04-8377777 barak-tickets.co.il

20.5 at 20:30 – Jerusalem: Bimot *6226 www.bimot.co.il

25.5 at 18:00 & 21:00 – The Israeli Opera: 03-692777 www.israel-opera.co.il

Concerto for Gashash and Orchestra

Come fall in love with the Gashash all over again

The Legendary Skits and Songs in an Original Orchestral Interpretation

The Israeli Opera is pleased to host The Revolution Orchestra with a new show: “Concerto for Gashash and Orchestra” – a show that brings the Gashash Hahiver Trio back to the stage, as never before, and distills the spirit of the mythological trio who became synonymous with “Israeliness”.

The show offers a unique interpretation and a new musical perspective on the Gashash Hahiver’s artistic work through a mosaic of original orchestral works and arrangements, interwoven with video and sound samples from the skits and songs of the Gashash.  The show reveals their unique language and the wealth of their work as singers, actors, and comedians.

The skits, the songs, and the movies serve as a portal into wild and amusing musical orchestral fantasies.

The screened skits are accompanied by the orchestra in a live performance, adapted in a special, original, and surprising way, at times through a change in the original skit’s plot, and at times in the way the orchestra joins in.

Conductor: Ro’i Oppenheim //with guest stars Dvir Benedek and Dikla Hadar

Composition and Arrangements: Amir Lekner//Artistic Directors: Zohar Sharon, Ro’I Oppenheim, and Amir Lekner

Design and Video Art: Nimrod Zin // Sound Design: Val Kotler // Lighting Design: Nadav Barnea // Writer: Gur Koren

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