Digging in the Classics 2013

The Revolution Orchestra and the Diggin’ Classic rock band (bass/contrabass – Alon Azizi //electric guitar – Lidor Levi // drums – Asaf Dagan // piano – Uri Weinshtock) play head-to-head and improvise on classic masterpieces of the great composers in new, original arrangements by composer Amir Lekner

The idea behind the show is that rock isn’t necessarily a musical genre. It’s a kind of state of mind that’s hard to narrow down to a precise definition, but when you meet up with it, you know – there’s a rock atmosphere here! There were “rockers” in every era, and the only things that have changed are the instruments and the means of expression

The show presents “tastes” of classic masterpieces (by Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Rimsky-Korsakov, Grieg, Mussorgsky, Shostakovich) from different periods of Western music, charged with “rock energy”, without trying to present the whole story of music history, but mainly to reflect the personal taste of the show’s creators

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